At Provimo Home,

we know that linen means more than just fabric, it means a table setting that brought a family together. We know that behind each time one of our linens are washed, the only stain that remains is a lifelong memory filled with laughs and family connection. That is why we create each item with a timeless design, so that our linens can remain in your home from Christmas Eve to Graduation. 

Did you know that with each purchase, you are making a worldwide difference? 

 In 2020, we started a nonprofit called “Women are Limitless” In India, millions of women are subject to limited opportunities, life skills and inequality pay gap. Through Women are Limitless we offer the opportunity of education and equal pay to our working women in India at Provimo Headquarters. Female workers at Provimo now have the oppurtinity to learn life leadership skills and receive certifications of their choice with your help! We are driven to make each and every woman feel limitless. We thank you for your generousity!  

 We care about the Planet

We are proud to say that each item is free from harmful chemicals that could potentially harm the earth and your family. In fact, each item is hypoallergenic, Vegan and bio-degradable. Our process is environmental friendly No large factories, just nature and real people. Our linen is made from the highest quality Euoropean FlaxPlant and are hand stitched in our fair trade Headquarters in Punjab, India.